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  • Is this the fastest anyone has ever said 'Rated PG-13' on film?

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 10th July 2012

    Short answer: yes. Full Dark Knight Rises TV spot here, Mr Fussy.

  • Sorry, this new TV spot for The Dark Knight Rises will have to do

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 4th June 2012

    It's only 30 seconds long, but we're all bloody knackered, okay?

    EDIT: Never mind, I found a better one. Always working, me.

  • The Dark Knight Rises trailer, with no analysis or humourous comments

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 19th December 2011

    After the jump is the latest trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, with absolutely no insight or humourous comment attached. Just the trailer and a few words either side. It's really good. You should watch it.

  • Next Batman movie set 8 years later - we set phasers to 'speculate'

    Movie News | Luke | 23rd November 2011

    Because Batman probably has a phaser.

  • Films on TV round-up: learn a trade, son, you'll go far

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 7th November 2011

    Good old Film4. You can always rely on them to show ponderous films about lonely, maladjusted men in which not much actually happens at some unsociable hour of the morning.

  • Films on TV round-up: capering cops and caped crusaders

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 5th June 2011

    Ever wondered why this feature never covers any films from the Sunday? OK, I'll rephrase that: ever given a moment's consideration to the content of anything in this feature? In this whole fucking website, beyond a fleeting thought of 'Ha ha, I like it when they say Ashton Kutcher's a dickhead'? No? Well, I'll tell you anyway. It's because I write it on Sundays, and the listings on only go as far as the next week. Not that you care. Hope you choke on it.

  • The Fighter

    Movie Review | Matt | 4th February 2011

    Here's another chance to read Matt's review of The Fighter, as it's out today. Boxing puns!

    With Marky Mark's abs on full display in almost every scene, and Christian Bale going all skinny for his art once again, it's easy to see which one is meant to be the titular fighter - or is it? After all, Bale's character is the one struggling with drug addiction throughout the whole film so maybe he is the metaphorical fighter? No, no, Marky Mark's wearing boxing gloves - it's definitely him.

  • Batman 3 rumour round-up

    Movie News | Ali | 21st February 2010

    The first of what's sure to be a regularly and increasingly ridiculous Batman sequel rumour round-up. Are they true? (*shakes Official Batman Magic 8-Ball*) 'Gotham needs a hero with a face'. Hmm, thanks.

  • The Dark Knight

    Movie Review | Ali | 23rd July 2008

    "Now, take this guy: armed robbery, double homicide. Got a taste for the theatrical, like you. Leaves a calling card." Before the casting rumours, the trailers, the endless posters, the death of Heath Ledger, the internet virals... before all that, way back in 2005, in the final moments of Batman Begins - that's when t...

  • Batman Begins

    Movie Review | Ali | 20th June 2005

    How to kill a franchise: Lesson #1
    Take one hard-boiled, well-established hero and dress him up in ill-fitting rubber, complete with cod-piece and bat-nipples. Strip away the cool Gothic vibe and replace it with super-gay neon and eye-rapingly cheesy special effects. Finally, have your newly camp crusader spout the kind of shit that George Lucas would balk at, and stand aside as your franchise digs its own grave and dies with its arse poking out of the soil.