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  • If other monster movies had 'blood relatives' like 10 Cloverfield Lane

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 21st March 2016

    10 Cloverfield Lane is the latest mystery box from man/magician JJ Abrams: a revolutionary new sort-of-sequel to his 2008 monster movie classic Cloverfield. He calls it a "blood relative" but what this means in real terms is "a sequel in all but name only". It's a technique that could catch on in the monster genre - spin-offs that springboard off an iconic monster attack but focus on something way less spectacular (and way cheaper to create). We humbly present the next 10 revolutionary new sort-of sequels to monster movie classics. That's right, JJ. We've bust your mystery box wide open.

  • 10 Cloverfield Lane

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 18th March 2016

    What a nice, interesting surprise. A Cloverfield sequel that nobody was expecting dropping a trailer out of nowhere and coming with a tantalising-yet-head-scratching title implying a connection to the first film that makes no sense whatsoever. I'm excited, but also... confused? Like a dog hearing somebody whistling on the TV. I have no idea what's about to come next, but it sounds fun.

    And this, as it happens, is the film's greatest strength. Because there are so few films released now that make us feel like dogs hearing somebody whistle on the TV.

  • Cabin In The Woods trailer: My pants just got Whedon

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 6th December 2011

    To be honest, Matt is the site's resident Joss Whedon bonerist, but this first trailer for long-delayed horror Cabin In The Woods has prompted me to pitch a tent in my own wooded area.

  • Super secret trailer for JJ Abrams' hush-hush secret project

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 11th May 2010

    Ssshh! You don't know me - I was never here.

  • New Cloverfield trailer soon? JJ Abrams good at secrets, bad at PR

    Movie News | Ali | 4th May 2010

    Any Americans planning to go see Iron Man 2 this weekend (side note: haw-haw, we saw it first) will see an attached and as-yet unknown trailer for a secret JJ Abrams project, titled Super 8. Could it be Cloverfield 2?

  • Is this a Cloverfield 2 viral?

    Movie News | Ali | 27th August 2009

    Despite the fact the touted Cloverfield sequel is still a twinkle in JJ Abrams' wet patch, a video has surfaced online that some think could be a viral for Cloverfield 2. Hint: it probably isn't.

  • Cloverfield

    Movie Review | Ali | 18th January 2008

    Forget the Army, forget fighter jets, forget nukes - the only real way to kill a city-stomping monster is an overdose of hype. The frothing anticipation that precedes event movies like Cloverfield tends to pump you up like a balloon, but more often than not, leaves you deflated like a punctured beach ball when it comes to the cr...