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  • Christmas TV shows and their Christmas present equivalents

    TV Feature | Rob Young | 23rd December 2013

    A while back I said to Ed we should do something about Christmas telly, like a rundown of what's on over the festive period. And he said, in a J. Jonah Jameson kind of way: "We need a gag, you fool; a reason for it to exist!" I imagine he was smoking a cigar at that point. So here is that reason. I've scoured the pages of the Sunday Times' two-week Christmas Culture magazine to find the best/funniest/stupidest things on television. And I'm going to compare them with Christmas presents. Stay with me: this is definitely a thing.

  • Eastenders and Corrie fight fire with tea lights

    TV News | Matt Looker | 24th September 2011

    It seems the soaps are at war again. As soon as Eastenders bosses release details about Pat meeting a fiery end on Albert Square, reports come from the Coronation Street set that Eileen Derbyshire, who plays Emily Bishop in the show, "may have burned herself a bit".

  • Snoop Dogg bloody loves TV

    TV News | Kirsty | 11th August 2010

    We all know Snoop Dogg loves his ho's and his gin and juice and whatnot.
    Did you also know that he likes nothing more than settling down with some chronic and his homies to watch soap operas and sexytime dramas?