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  • Love And Other Drugs

    Movie Review | Matt | 20th December 2010

    When does a rom-com stop being a rom-com? When it's R-rated? You'd think that the very definition of such a certification would ensure that the usual saccharine sentiment is swapped out for something more substantial. Unfortunately, no amount of F-bombs, extensive nudity and scenes of distressing drama can save this film from all the well-known romantic comedy trappings. So, essentially, this is just When Harry Fucked Sally.

  • Pineapple Express

    Movie Review | Ali | 14th September 2008

    "Dude... we should, like, make a movie about a couple of potheads. They witness a murder and, like, go on the run and are chased by bent cops and shit... then at the end, we give them loads of guns and they blow loads of shit up. It'd fucking rock... Pass the bong, dude." The stoner comedy: a movie usually conceived on drugs, fi...

  • Friday Fiver: Top 5 Movie Stoner Dudes

    Movie Feature | | 12th September 2008

    We couldn't possibly endorse drugs here at Shiznit Towers, but you have to admit, the lifestyle of these five fabulous movie stoners is certainly an admirable one. To celebrate the release of Pineapple Express this Friday, we raise a doobie to these titans of toke. While you stress out over spreadsheets, these guys are getting n...

  • Top 10 Movie Drug Dealers

    Movie Feature | Ali | 16th February 2007

    You wanna get high? In Tinseltown, there's no shortage of back-alley pushers ready to show you a good time, whether you want pills, puff or powder. It takes a special kind of dealer to make our list, however - insanity seems to be a pre-requisite, as does a kickass dress-code and a trophy wife. Yeah, we know - drugs are bad, ...