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Fast And Furious

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Fast And Furious cast still unable to tell women from cars

Posted by Matt Looker at 07:00 on 29 Jun 2017
Fast And Furious cast still unable to tell women from cars
Fresh concerns have arisen regarding the ability of the Fast And Furious cast to tell the difference between women and cars after franchise regular Michelle Rodriguez called out the need for "female characters with better parts".

Review: Fast & Furious 8

Posted by Ali Gray at 01:00 on 11 Apr 2017
Fast & Furious 8
The Fast & Furious franchise is not big on learning. It doesn't really care for consequences. It is of the moment. Always in the now. If it were a person, it would be the kind of person who sincerely believes in the motto 'If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best'. Fast & Furious movies are wrongheaded and backwards but they don't care, because people vote with their wallets. They are Brexit. They are dumb. They make dumb look dumb. They are awful. They are brilliant. They are confusing and simple and ridiculous and serious all at the same time, somehow. Fast & Furious 8, a title and a number which give me great pleasure to say together, is all of these things and more.

Ranking the Fast & Furious films in the order in which they were made

Posted by Ali Gray at 22:40 on 30 Mar 2015
Ranking the Fast & Furious films in the order in which they were made
Fast & Furious 7 [car verb]s its way into cinemas this week, meaning movie sites are rolling out their bi-annual Fast & Furious feature ideas. Rather than a highly subjective ranking of all seven Fast & Furious movies in order of their perceived quality, which is entirely dependant on the individual taste of the author, we thought we'd try something a little less arbitrary. So, we present to you, our ranking of the seven Fast & Furious movies based on the order in which they were released. There's precisely zero room for debate. Strap yourselves in!

Review: Fast & Furious 7

Posted by Ali Gray at 23:30 on 23 Mar 2015
Fast & Furious 7
For the first time since its inception in 2001, the Fast & Furious franchise was forced to hit the brakes. The unfortunate – but avoidable – death of Paul Walker in an automobile accident in November 2013 meant production on Part 7 skidded to a halt. Now, one year on from its planned release, Furious 7 rides into town after a respectful re-pimping – the muted colours on the poster suggests a star-studded funeral procession, but in actual fact, the latest instalment of The Franchise That Couldn't Slow Down is business as usual: cars, explosions, pecs (men), gussets (women), crap jokes and the most flagrant disrespect for physics since Sir Isaac Newton's naysayers suggested he stick his apple up his arse. You wouldn't call it a fitting tribute to Walker – I'm pretty sure the last thing his family needs to see is 250 cars exploding into fireballs – but you suspect it's what he, the fans and the studio would have wanted. So here we are. Amber turned to green. Let's go.

Review: Fast & Furious 6

Posted by Ali at 23:40 on 13 May 2013
Fast & Furious 6
If you've never seen a Fast & Furious movie, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker play two alpha males who wish they could have energetic bum sex with one another, but have to settle for driving around big shiny penis extensions instead. Over five homoerotic odysseys, they've recruited various friends from around the world into their gang, all of whom perform one specific function, whether it be 'tech', 'comic relief' or 'looking hot'. In Fast & Furious 6, they team up with chief Fast Five antagonist Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson to hunt down Luke 'The Crow' Evans, an evil man who needs a computer chip to do evil things and who doesn't care how many cars he has to flip over to get it. There, you're up to speed – and that speed just happens to be TWO HUNDRED MILES PER HOUR.

Well someone's in a strop with Mr Photographer, aren't they?

Posted by Ali at 14:00 on 12 Apr 2013
Well someone's in a strop with Mr Photographer, aren't they?
Jeez guys, the least you could do is look at the camera while having your poster taken. Sung Kang? More like Sulk-King! #LOL (Large pic here)

Trailer breakdown: Fast & Furious 6 is Mission: In-Freakin'-Sanity

Posted by Ali at 18:30 on 06 Feb 2013
Trailer breakdown: Fast & Furious 6 is Mission: In-Freakin'-Sanity
Liked the Super Bowl trailer for Fast & Furious 6? Take a frame-by-frame look at the highlights of the movie that Michael Haneke only wishes he was directing. DIESEL POWER!

Christ The Redeemer: 2011's favourite returning character

Posted by Rob at 07:00 on 13 Jun 2011
Christ The Redeemer: 2011's favourite returning character
With several movies this year opting for the warmer climes of Rio De Janeiro, with its skimpy beach-wear, jive-talking animals and steep-ass hills The Rock can get some air off in his jeep, Christ The Redeemer is the latest Hollywood darling.
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