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  • A Nightmare on Elm Street

    Movie Review | Matt | 7th May 2010

    Ok, I'll admit it: I was kidding myself. Blinded by a love of 80s horror, I argued vehemently that this was one franchise that would benefit from, nay, deserved a remake. "Krueger can still be relevant to modern audiences," I said. "The dreamscape terrors would look awesome when rendered with CGI". And yet, for all the heavy-handed jumps and unnecessary gore on display, the biggest shock of the film turned out to be my own disappointment in it.

  • Nightmare on Elm Street teaser trailer

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 28th September 2009

    Harrumph! So here's the first teaser trailer for the remade Nightmare on Elm Street. *sigh* Another horror classic gets reimagined in yet another blasphemous attempt to cash in on...holy shit! This one actually looks good!