Friday Fiver

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  • Friday Fiver: The Coolest Coen Characters

    Movie Feature | | 17th October 2008

    After taking a dark and grizzly turn with No Country For Old Men, the Coens are back in goof mode for Burn After Reading, a tale of two hapless gym employees who get in over their heads when they attempt to blackmail a CIA agent. The film unites a star-studded cast of Coen veterans George Clooney and Frances McDormand with Coen ...

  • Friday Fiver: Simon Pegg's Greatest Hits

    Movie Feature | | 3rd October 2008

    This week sees the release of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, starring Simon Pegg as Sidney Young, a fictionalised version of a British journalist who made his fortune by faux pas-ing his way around the Big Apple. Pegg is the quintessential English man in New York, our favourite affable Brit and hero to the comic book n...

  • Friday Fiver: Ben Stiller's Top Tantrums

    Movie Feature | | 19th September 2008

    With today's release of Tropic Thunder, we figured it's high time we take a look at cinema's angriest A-lister: Ben Stiller. Cast this diminuitive chap in your movie and you've got a guaranteed ticking time-bomb of rage, just waiting to explode. Stiller's frustration has served him well, catapulting him from goofy-lookin' comed...

  • Friday Fiver: Top 5 Movie Stoner Dudes

    Movie Feature | | 12th September 2008

    We couldn't possibly endorse drugs here at Shiznit Towers, but you have to admit, the lifestyle of these five fabulous movie stoners is certainly an admirable one. To celebrate the release of Pineapple Express this Friday, we raise a doobie to these titans of toke. While you stress out over spreadsheets, these guys are getting n...

  • Friday Fiver: Nicolas Cage's Maddest Moments

    Movie Feature | | 5th September 2008

    Nicholas Kim Coppola, or Nicolas Cage to us mere mortals, is undoubtedly the most fascinating man on the planet. Why? The following five videos might clue you in to the man's appeal. We'll give you a clue: he's fucking crazy. With his latest movie, Bangkok Dangerous, out this Friday, we take a look at his five most OTT moments t...