Friday Night Lights

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  • Dexter finale "just like Friday Night Lights", says Showtime boss

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 16th June 2013

    Showtime boss David Nevins has said of the upcoming Dexter series finale: "We had a similar thing on Friday Night Lights when I was a producer: we had an ending that we'd planned two years in advance, and I thought that show ended beautifully. Dexter should be on the same path." So he's going to move to Philadelphia and coach high-school football? Can't see that ending well.

  • Top 20 TV shows of 2012

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson, Matt Looker, Luke Whiston, Rob Young | 2nd January 2013

    We spent 2012 doing what we do best: watching TV and putting off writing about it. And my stars, the things we've seen. If only there were some way to convey our preferences of one thing over another through hierarchical structuring. Wait a minute ...

  • Power to the People?

    TV Feature | Fiona | 23rd August 2010

    It seems lately that a network only has to whisper “cancellation” and the internet switchboard lights up like a christmas tree with fanrage. But, while people might feel dedicated enough to click a button on an online petition, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be dedicated enough to return week after week to honour the commitment. Why, with a little help from the internet I could probably whip up enough signatures to bring back Chuckle Vision....wait... What? That’s still on?