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  • The guiltiest pleasures of 2010

    Movie Feature | Ali | 22nd December 2010

    2010 has been a bumper year for movies that nestle somewhere between 'demented genius' and 'unparalleled garbage'. Here are our favourite guilty pleasures of the year: please don't judge us.

  • Win John Travolta's From Paris With Love on DVD or Blu-ray

    Movie Competition | Ali | 29th July 2010

    Aimez-vous gagner une copie de De Paris Avec Amour sur DVD ou Bleu-rayon? Naturellement vous, à moins que vous soyez un idiot uncultured!

  • From Paris With Love

    Movie Review | Rob | 3rd March 2010

    Let me point out the elephant in the room here. I don't care for the title. It's neither imaginative nor catchy, and it's been nicked from Bond. The first poster was rubbish too. A gun with the Eiffel Tower as the barrel? It's crap, and probably made many people write the film off before they even caught a glimpse of Travolta's renegade CIA, Yul Brynner-resembling douche.

  • John Travolta: a career in 5 clips

    Movie Feature | Ben | 27th February 2010

    From Paris With Love sees John Travolta back on our screens as a wise-cracking, trigger-happy cliché that his penchant for hamming it up makes him perfect for. So, what better time to look back over a 35-year career that proves his diversity is the key to his longevity...

  • New trailer for From Paris with Love

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 5th January 2010

    The second trailer for From Paris with Love is out, giving us the chance to decide once and for all if Travolta's FBI Agent character is a cool-monickered badass or just a slap-headed douchebag.

  • From Paris With Love trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 17th September 2009

    Ever wanted to see John Travolta looking like a leukemia victim and swearing his arse off? You've come to the right movie!