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  • Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015's best film by a thousand miles

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 31st December 2015

    I actually watched Mad Max: Fury Road in its week of release, but it was such an overwhelming experience it's taken me all of seven months to mentally unpack it all, like when someone emails you a crazy big zip file which basically nerfs your inbox and you can't do anything until it's properly downloaded. That, with writing. Anyway. This is the best film of the year by a very long stretch, I'm off to watch it again because it got it on Blu-ray for Christmas and oh you've already stopped reading.

  • 11 films in 2015 I didn't bother reviewing when I should have

    Movie Feature | Matt Looker | 22nd December 2015

    As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to do some housekeeping.

  • Well it's better than "Visionary"...

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 1st April 2015

    The new Mad Max: Fury Road trailer probably wouldn't have been quite so badass if it was billed as "From the guy who has literally only directed Happy Feet movies so far this century."

  • Fury

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 17th October 2014

    War movies. Huh. Good God. What are they good for? By now, it feels like every manoeuvre, every landing and every battle of the Second World War has been fought and won or lost on screen. Subsequently, each new WWII movie has to prove its worth before a single shell has been fired or bomb dropped. David Ayer's Fury doesn't even bother pretending it's based on a true story, jumping straight into action with an ambush, a dead Nazi and a knife through the eye socket - and it gets progressively more grim from then on in.

  • Cuban Fury

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 16th February 2014

    I am an impressionable idiot. Take me to a martial arts movie, I'll come out Kung Fu fighting. Take me to a spy thriller, I'll be eyeing everyone with suspicion in the car park. You don't want to know what I'll do after I see Nymphomaniac. Naturally then, Nick Frost's comedy Cuban Fury - a movie set in and around the world of salsa dancing and rumba rhythms - had me swaying my hips and sashaying down the Jubilee Line all the way home, where I suggested to my wife we take dancing lessons. Me! Someone whose one and only dance move was nicknamed 'The Ali Shuffle'! Cuban Fury may not have the long shelf life of Frost's Cornetto movies, but during that all-too-brief post-movie glow, it serves as a wonderful example of feelgood comedy done right.

  • Slanted letters denoting wackiness still being used on posters in 2013

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 16th November 2013

    Honestly, it's like we've learned nothing from Silver Linings Playbook.

  • Highly talented and promising young actress to join Mad Max: Fury Road

    Movie News | Ali | 16th June 2012

    Also, Rosie Huntington-Whitely.

  • Toot toot here comes Mad Max!

    Movie News | Luke | 13th January 2012

    Disclaimer: I know nothing about cars or Mad Max.

  • You wouldn't download an assclown: A rant on why cinemas are dying

    Movie Feature | Andy | 14th March 2010

    Pity Hollywood. For they are losing money hand over fist because of dirty internet pirates. Pity John Travolta and his private jet fleet; pity George Clooney unable to heat his Italian lakeside mansion; Pity Tom Cruise for... well, being Tom Cruise. But pity these poor studios and stars, living on the breadline and having to sacrifice so much in their struggle to survive.

    Or, to look at it a different way: fuck these cosseted prima-donnas and their multi-million dollar lifestyles.