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  • Blogalongabond #19: The World Is Not Enough

    Movie Feature | Luke | 9th August 2012

    This week's Blogalongabond game is actually an extremely late entry for last month, for which I can only apologise. Also apologies in advance for the graphics. And the gameplay. Good luck finding someone to apologise for The World Is Not Enough, though.

  • Blogalongabond #18: Tomorrow Never Dies

    Movie Feature | Luke | 6th July 2012

    Another month, another Bond film, another blown chance to get our Blogalongabond entry in on time. In this late edition we take a look at the highs and lows of Tomorrow Never Dies - literally - as we challenge you to complete James Bond's HALO Jump Challenge!

  • Blogalongabond #17: GoldenEye

    Movie Feature | Luke | 30th May 2012

    Another month, another Bond, another chance to pit yourself against the most challenging in gaming experiences (that we could come up with over a couple of lunch breaks). Keep your eyes on the skies, and don't let the GoldenEye find your weakness!

  • Film journalist completes poorly-conceived feature on archery

    Movie Feature | Ali | 11th May 2012

    A film journalist yesterday filed some half-arsed copy for a lacklustre feature in which he was asked to examine why so many of this year's blockbuster hits feature archery. "Not my best work," said the journalist.

  • Blogalongabond #16: Licence To Kill

    Movie Feature | Luke | 2nd May 2012

    The good news: our Licence To Kill Blogalongabond entry is only one day two days overdue, yay! The bad news: it is easily the worst piece of crap I have ever produced in my life - and that includes during the hazy few days after I tried to convince everyone 'Steakchoctoberfest' was a real festival, and had to be loaded onto a stretcher using a crane, like some sort of grotesque human pinata. Never again.

  • Blogalongabond #15: The Living Daylights

    Movie Feature | Luke | 9th April 2012

    Yes yes, late to Blogalongabond again, but look: it's Easter, I've been eating chocolate for days, everything has brown smears on it and there are little bits of foil everywhere. You're lucky my eyelids can still open to cobble together this tribute to The Living Daylights from bits of other Bond games, so excuuuuse me if it seems a little crappy and rushed...

  • The Hunger Games

    Movie Review | Matt | 20th March 2012

    Now that the pallid adventures of K-Stew, R-Patz and T-Lauts are officially coming to an end, welcome to your new Teen Phenomenon Based On A Series Of Books. There's a female lead, there's a love triangle, there's even CGI wolf dogsā€¦are we destined to spend the next few years balking at more inappropriate mum groupies and handmade Hunger Game-themed sex toys? Not so, for this tale is above such cringe-worthy histrionics, delivering surprising substance and maturity, and, as a result, packing more punch.

  • Blogalongabond #14: A View To A Kill

    Movie Feature | Luke | 24th February 2012

    Can you believe our A View To A Kill Blogalongabond entry is on time? This is good news for two reasons: 1) I got to listen to the Duran Duran theme song earlier than usual, 2) I never have to listen to it ever again.

  • Blogalongabond #13: Octopussy

    Movie Feature | Luke | 6th February 2012

    Every month our Blogalongabond entry gets later and later, yet we never get any more fashionable. Unless you consider shell suits the height of fashion - in which case could I borrow a match, my fashionable friend? I need to set fire to my copy of Octopussy.

  • Final poster for The Hunger Games features nice bird

    Movie News | Ali | 22nd January 2012

    It's time for another round of 'Ali thinks there's something weird about a new movie poster and is going to use his website to tell you all about it!'