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Gangster Squad

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2013: The year in stuff that looked like dicks

Posted by Ali Gray at 22:00 on 18 Dec 2013
2013: The year in stuff that looked like dicks
2013 was the most phallic movie year in modern memory - penile imagery was thrust at us from every direction and in every dimension. I'd be happy to go on record as saying this year has featured the most movies featuring stuff that looked like dicks ever. Prove me wrong: I guarantee you have far too much dignity to even try.

Review: Gangster Squad

Posted by Matt at 14:00 on 10 Jan 2013
Gangster Squad
It turns out that I have a small issue with a lot of gangster films, which I didn't realise until watching Gangster Squad. For all their sharp-suited, Tommy gun-wielding adventures, most feel the need to bring home the heavy-hitting drama underlying it all. Of course, there's no problem with this, but it seems to me that Hollywood has spent so long trying to tell us the real story behind some of history's most infamous outlaws, that it seems to have forgotten how to tell us the fake, fun, irresponsible version. This is where Gangster Squad chimes in; a film so gloriously cartoony at times that it feels ripped from the frames and pages of a graphic novel. Even though it is actually um... based on true events.

How to sell Gangster Squad to Korea

Posted by Ali at 09:20 on 15 Oct 2012
How to sell Gangster Squad to Korea
Eastern moviegoing audiences have proved to be a massively untapped market this year, so it's only natural that Warner Bros would want to tailor the marketing for Gangster Squad to make it successful overseas. If you ask me, there's a home run waiting to be hit in South Korea with just a few new tweaks and edits.

Sean Penn's Gangster Squad accent: answers on a postcard

Posted by Ali at 09:45 on 10 May 2012

Took me at least eight plays before I knew what he was bloody talking about. Full trailer for Gangster Squad here.
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