Guardians Of The Galaxy

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  • There's someone missing in the first Guardians Of The Galaxy image

    Movie News | Ali Gray | 1st January 2014

    Disney have released the first official image from their forthcoming Marvel intergalactic adventure, Guardians Of The Galaxy. We can't help but feel there's someone quite important missing, especially given the obvious Usual Suspects homage. Thankfully it was my New Year's Resolution to do more rubbish Photoshopping, so I made amends. Send the cheque to the usual address, Disney.

  • 10 actors more suited to voice Rocket Raccoon than Bradley Cooper

    Movie Feature | Ali | 23rd August 2013

    According to web reports filed by internet elves, handsome actor and man Bradley Cooper is poised to play the role that all of Hollywood is hankering after: Rocket Raccoon in Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy. Take it from me, the guy who has never read a comic: I've got 10 guys here that could wipe the floor with Bradley Cooper's vocal chords. Eww.

    Edit: Fuck you, Ben Affleck. This took, like, two hours.

  • This is how you sell a superhero film to someone who doesn't read comics

    Movie Feature | Luke | 13th August 2013

    That's right, it's a raccoon with a motherfudding machine gun. Rocket Raccoon from Guardians Of The Galaxy, to be precise. Animated gif ripped from that fuzzy Comic-Con mobile footage which probably/definitely is/isn't on YouTube someone told me, perhaps.