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  • Christmas Playlist: The Best Of 2013

    Movie Feature | Neil Alcock | 21st December 2013

    It's Christmas, apparently, not that you'd notice. So here's The Shiznit's present to you: a shiny Spotify playlist of the best bits of movie music from 2013. It was that or a PS4, but we knew you'd rather have the chance to listen to the Iron Man Three theme again than receive the world's most advanced games console for free.

  • Spider-Man sequel's "soundtrack supergroup" sounds... erm... shit?

    Movie News | Ali Gray | 1st November 2013

    And I'm not just saying that because 'shit' begins with 's': Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, Dave Stewart, Johnny Marr and Incubus’s Michael Einziger will all be squabbling over the triangle when they team up to record the soundtrack for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

  • Saturday Playlist: Nice score, shame about the film

    Movie Feature | Neil Alcock | 28th September 2013

    If, like me, you fondly remember The Incredible Suit's astoundingly popular series of film music playlists with misty eyes and bulging trousers, then I've got good news: they're back! In an attempt to port over some of my previous blog's class and sophistication to The Shiznit, we recently made the decision to reboot the Saturday Playlist feature for a wider, sexier audience. That's you lot. Well, most of you. Some of you. Not that guy there though, eurgh.

  • This is not news, Vol. #2,786

    Movie Feature | Ali | 4th September 2013

    Here's a refresher. Hans Zimmer IS providing the score for Batman Vs Superman? This IS news. Hans Zimmer ISN'T providing the score for Batman Vs Superman? This is BARELY news. But Hans Zimmer may or may not provide the score for Batman Vs Superman depending on myriad factors that have yet to come about because the film isn't being released for another two years? This ISN'T news. For fuck's sake. (Via Movies.com).

  • Hans Zimmer's head could fall off at any moment

    Movie Feature | Neil | 29th August 2013

    We all love mad German composer Hans Zimmer for his excellent film scores such as Gladiator, Inception and Man Of Steel to name but Gladiator, Inception and Man Of Steel. But Hans hides a terrible secret. He may look happy in that picture above, but that's not happiness: it's relief, because he's just managed to stop his head falling off before the photo was taken.

  • The BBC's Sound Of Cinema season will make your ears cum

    Movie Feature | Neil | 22nd August 2013

    A few weeks ago I went to the press launch of Sound Of Cinema, a forthcoming three-week season of programmes on the wireless and tellybox provided by the BBC, God bless 'em. In all honesty I should have brought this to your attention sooner but then they went and announced Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor and I decided I should catch up on the last four series having not seen them but let's face facts that's neither here nor there anyway where was I?

  • Yeah, they should have probably put this in the Lone Ranger trailers

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 11th July 2013

    I'm not saying Disney wouldn't have lost $150m on The Lone Ranger had they put Hans Zimmer's amazing 'William Tell Overture' in one of the film's trailers, but I'm also not NOT saying that. (Source: @SiRenshaw).