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  • New Cowboys & Aliens trailer shoots for the stars

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 17th November 2010

    It seems like only yesterday when we were presented with a new poster of Daniel Craig's arse, but now we get to see it in motion. Fighting aliens. Alongside Indiana Jones.

  • Cowboys & Aliens teaser poster and synopsis

    Movie News | Matt | 16th November 2010

    A new teaser poster for Jon Favreau's forthcoming Cowboys & Aliens has been released and it covers all the bases - Daniel Craig's arse for the ladies and some weird alien technology thing for the geeks.

  • Iron Man 2

    Movie Review | Ali | 28th April 2010

    The original Iron Man's success came something like a bolt from the blue; a very welcome superhero debut that nailed its playful tone and established itself as the first part of a much bigger universe. The sequel, however, comes with certain expectations attached: now we know the character's origins, he kinda has to... y'know, do something.

  • Cowboy Harrison Ford to aliens: "Get off my planet"

    Movie News | Ali | 6th April 2010

    How to improve a movie called Cowboys & Aliens? New cast member Harrison Ford knows how: just growl at the skinny extra-terrestrial bastards until they give you your family back.

  • Iron Man 2 clip: see shellhead fly

    Movie News | Ali | 4th April 2010

    Let April 2010 forever be known as 'slightly too excited about Iron Man 2 month'. Here's a brand new clip, showing that Tony Stark still knows how to make an entrance.

  • New Iron Man 2 poster looks fake, isn't

    Movie News | Ali | 24th March 2010

    But, y'know... still looking forward to seeing the film. Still waiting on my invite, guys. Please? I know you overbook these things, there must be seats left. I swear to God I saw Jonathan and Paul Ross at my last screening.

  • Iron Man 2 trailer: fuck yeah

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 8th March 2010

    No words... should have shown a poet...

  • Couples Retreat

    Movie Review | Matt | 15th October 2009

    It's been 13 years since Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn first showed us the "money" in Swingers, and each collaboration in the meantime hasn't quite measured up to that exceptional debut. Can Couples Retreat finally live up to expectations? Unfortunately, no - it's good, but it's not on the money.

  • Why I Love... Swingers

    Movie Feature | Ali | 16th September 2005

    Shit. Oh shit. She's looking at me. I think she's actually waiting for me to say something. Fuuuuck. Say something out of left field; throw her, keep it relaxed and funny, drag her into your own world and keep her interested. "Drag racing is awesome!" Fuck, I can't believe I just said those words to a girl. I d...