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  • Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 10th June 2018

    I am a Jurassic Park sequel apologist. I am a Jurassic sequapologist. There’s no shame in loving the original movie, obviously, and I maintain that Jurassic World was an unapologetic, fan-pleasing blockbuster that wanted to reach even farther than Michael Crichton’s visionary thinking. But the sequels? I am at war with myself. The Lost World sort of has some good bits? The birdcage bit in Jurassic Park III was cool, I guess? Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, sadly, is a different beast entirely: it is the first Jurassic movie I haven’t enjoyed unreservedly from the get-go. With the other duffers I’d eventually pick up on the flaws after multiple rewatches - this is the only Jurassic Park movie I’ll have to learn to love.

  • Jurassic World

    Movie Review | Ali Gray | 11th June 2015

    There is no escaping the fact that I can't write an unbiased review of a Jurassic Park movie. Jurassic Park is my Star Wars, my Lord Of The Rings - my formative moviegoing experience that opened my eyes to the wonder of cinema. I can never be too down on movies about rampaging dinosaurs; even a bad Jurassic Park movie - and there have been more of them than there have been good ones - is entertaining in its own way. But by any measure, whether you're a super-fan or a casual observer, Jurassic World knocks it out of the park: it's a shamelessly entertaining blockbuster that simultaneously pays homage to the original while putting a fresh coat of paint on the formula. If you're a Jurassic Park fan, Jurassic World is everything you want it to be - I'd even go as far as saying it's as good a Jurassic Park film, post Jurassic Park, that you could ever possibly expect.

  • Things you notice after watching the Jurassic Park trilogy for the 61st time

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 3rd May 2015

    There's never a bad time to watch movies about dinosaurs, but with Jurassic World around six weeks away, it seemed like high time I rewatched the Jurassic Park trilogy again - it has been almost five months since the last time I watched it, after all. I think I said my piece pretty comprehensively during Jurassic Park Week in 2013, so what follows are just stray observations - the kind you really only pick up from having already watched something 60 times.

  • The Super Bowl ad gifs no one wanted (and when to use them)

    Movie Feature | Matt Looker | 3rd February 2015

    The Shiznit: Colouring in the 'Movies vs. Social Media' venn diagram intersection with a blunt crayon since 2011. Ish.

  • Cool Stan Winston Easter Egg in the Jurassic World trailer, bro

    Movie Trailer | TheShiznit.co.uk | 26th November 2014

    I'd like to think dearly departed special effects whiz Stan Winston is up there now, eating steak at his own personal afterlife steakhouse. (Full Jurassic World trailer here you idiot, HOW HAVE YOU NOT SEEN IT YET?)

  • Confirmed: Joseph Mazzello to probably star in Jurassic World

    Movie News | Ali | 12th September 2013

    Four hours later and still no reply. I'm sure you'll agree, his silence speaks volumes (about how badly this website is run).

    Edit: Sam Neill has also cryptically joined in the media blackout surrounding rumours that he'll star in Jurassic World. Not a single peep from him. Or Jeff Goldblum. I'll keep you posted as to who else isn't saying they're not in it.

  • Alan Partridge announces new Jurassic Park IV title

    Movie Feature | Matt | 11th September 2013

    Back of the net! Cashback! Etc...