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Les Miserables

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Review: Les Misérables

Posted by Ali at 21:15 on 10 Jan 2013
Les Misérables
Let me tell you straight off, I'm not really a 'theatre person'. I'm exactly the sort of philistine who would probably walk out of a matinee showing of The Mousetrap at The Windmill if the concessions stand was closed. The last thing I saw in a theatre was Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark. The time before that was The Woman In Black, but only because I knew it was considered exciting enough to be made into a film. The time before that was probably Garfield: Live!, although to my credit, I was about six at the time (even so, I still remember being terrified of Garfield's perennially glassy, non-blinking eyes and fixed, rictus grin. Maybe I caught him on a Monday).

Tom Hooper still waiting patiently for his turn to talk

Posted by Ali at 12:00 on 03 Jan 2013

Something tells us he'll be waiting a while. (HT @NevPierce for the gif)

Anne Hathaway to Les it up?

Posted by Luke at 23:17 on 03 Sep 2011
Anne Hathaway to Les it up?
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