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  • The eight lamest "snarks" from Nikki Finke's Emmys "live-snark" (UGHHH)

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 23rd September 2013

    "Come for the cynicism... stay for the subversion!" promises industry analyst Nikki Finke ahead of her Emmy Awards liveblog - or "live-snark". You want subversion? You want the evening turned on its head? You've got it: Finke posted a picture of host Neil Patrick Harris UPSIDE DOWN. Take that! More depressingly awful put-downs after the jump.

  • Beyoncé liveblog

    Movie Feature | Ali | 23rd May 2013

    Beyoncé! She's LITERALLY BLOODY EVERYWHERE. Scientists estimate that as many as 13% of all surfaces currently display an image of Beyoncé Knowles: she's impossible to avoid. This week, the singer/model/businesswoman lends her voice to animated adventure Epic, upgrading her media saturation from 'overwhelming' to 'suffocating'. With this in mind, I'm running a 24-hour liveblog on Beyoncé - just her general existence - marking each and every time the bloody woman booty-shakes her way into my waking day. Are you ready for this jelly?

  • Liveblog: The 85th Annual Academy Oscar things

    Movie Feature | Matt | 24th February 2013

    Because writing down quick thoughts and opinions about things as they happen is preferable to typing up a well-reasoned and cohesive article the next day.

  • Empire Awards 2012 'liveblog'

    Movie Feature | Ali | 26th March 2012

    Due to an administration error, I have been given press accreditation to the Jameson Empire Awards 2012. I'm in the building, I have a laptop, and there's not a damn thing anyone can do to stop me. Except stop me.

  • The Shiznit Halloween movie liveblog: Sunday edition

    Movie Feature | Ali | 30th October 2011

    I'm almost ready to go with Sunday's Halloween movie liveblog, after the 'incredible success' (read: 'zero retweets') of yesterday's waffling. The headcheese toasties are ready, here we go...

  • The Shiznit Halloween movie liveblog

    Movie Feature | Ali | 29th October 2011

    Because what kind of Halloween would it be without someone telling you all about the films they're watching?