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  • Marvel's Cine-CHAT-ic Universe: The Incredible Hulk (2008)

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray, Matt Looker, Becky Suter, Ed Williamson | 10th October 2017

    It's official: part two of this new feature means it definitely qualifies as a 'regular', although we haven't quite pinned down how often we'll be catching up with the Marvel movies - it basically comes down to when ITV2 get round to showing the next one. And as nobody came up with a better title, it's time to HULK SMASH the 'Read full article' button and enjoy the next chapter of (*winces*) Marvel's Cine-CHAT-ic Universe: The Incredible Hulk.

  • Now You See Me

    Movie Review | Matt | 3rd July 2013

    In The Prestige, Michael Caine's Cutter posits that "every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts". You have the 'Pledge', in which the magician shows you something ordinary, the 'Turn', in which he turns that into something extraordinary and the 'Prestige', in which he makes the original item return. Now You See Me does plenty of Pledging and Turning, but fails to win over with the Prestige part. What we have here, is all the wondrous showmanship of a well-performed illusion, followed by the crushing disappointment of reality as our magician explains that it's all down to specially-built rigs and fake props. Except, here, that doesn't even make all that much sense.

  • New Clash Of The Titans trailer: God Of War fights Cloverfield

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 13th December 2009

    There's a new trailer for God-bothering action romp Clash Of The Titans, which is looking increasingly like a videogame button-masher crossed with a Gwar video. Dude, if I wasn't typing right now, I'd be throwing up BOTH HORNS! (*mosh*)

  • Clash Of The Titans posters, um, clash

    Movie News | Ali | 10th December 2009

    It's ancient history meets thrash metal, MOTHERFUCKER! Brand new posters for the mythical action epic that won't tidy its bedroom.

  • Clash Of The Titans trailer scores -300

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 11th November 2009

    Louis Leterrier's remake of Clash Of The Titans has a trailer. Giant scorpions! Jumping! Thrash metal! Random bits of scenery! And the worst tagline of any film, ever! By Zeus, it looks like 300, only terrible!