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  • Machete Kills

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 11th October 2013

    So where are we at with Mel Gibson? Poor old racist, misogynist, anti-semitic, fly-off-the-handle Mel - have we forgiven him? I only ask because he's far and away the most entertaining thing about Machete Kills, yet I'm not sure if I laughed at his antics for genuine LOL-worthy reasons, or because of some weird residual fascination after that time he called a policewoman "sugar tits" and became one of Hollywood's most reliable loons for a while. Can it be both? For what is essentially a one-note joke, Machete Kills is full of questions.

  • Review round-up: Five films which I couldn't be arsed to see

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 22nd September 2013

    Here's my deal. I'm 32 years old so my body hurts all the time. I have a wife and baby son. I have a full-time job and I write freelance and I keep a blog which I update irregularly that you are currently reading. I love going to see movies, but I also love sitting still or lying down with my eyes closed, dreaming of the last day I didn't ache. This means I don't end up seeing all the films I'm supposed to, but damn it, I'll be buggered if that's going to stop me from updating this website. So, here are five films which I had arranged to go and see in the last two weeks along with the reasons why I welched on them. I figure I owe you that much.

  • New red-band Machete trailer features stabbing, swearing, tits

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 23rd July 2010

    Come to Mexico, they said!

  • Machete trailer es muy bueno!

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 5th May 2010

    Robert Rodriguez presents... the real trailer for the full-length movie of the fake trailer for Machete. Happy Cinco De Mayo! (I think that's like the Mexican "May the 4th be with you").

  • Pics: Jessica Alba on Machete set

    Movie News | Ali | 24th August 2009

    Set pics just in of Jessica Alba on the set of Robert Rodriguez's B-movie Machete. Above you can see Jessica trying to dehydrate Danny Trejo's face with the power of her mind.