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  • Falling Skies – season one, episodes 1 and 2

    TV Review | Ed Williamson | 13th July 2011

    An dinosaur show AND an alien show? What, is Spielberg just getting people to remake all his films for TV and picking up a cheque for it? What's next, a Schindler's List game show? (*double-checks whether Matt made essentially the same joke when he posted the trailer*) Oh.

  • Noah Wyle is the least likely alien invasion survivor

    TV Video | Matt Looker | 2nd July 2011

    Over 80% of the world's population is killed in an alien invasion, but the weedy doctor from ER survives? Pffft.

  • Submarine

    Movie Review | Ali | 14th March 2011

    Though I don't agree with the relentless tub-thumping that occurs in the UK press every time a half-decent British film is released - as if it's mandatory that you HAVE to get behind it because it's BRITISH and THE KING'S SPEECH - it's nonetheless a very welcome surprise when a British filmmaker releases a genuine gem.