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  • Cinema's 5 easiest dates

    Movie Feature | Luke | 26th March 2011

    I'm not a misogynist, but [I wash my hands of this - Ed.] it occurs to me there are a lot of women out there in Movieland who don't really think ahead when it comes to choosing their dates...

  • Two videos that sum up today

    Movie News | Ali | 8th March 2011

    Today is indeed a prestigious day: not only is it Pancake Day, it's International Women's Day. My two most favouritest things in the world. Here are two videos that seem fitting to mark the occasion.

  • Adverts Of The Week

    TV Video | Kirsty | 28th September 2010

    Adverts are much maligned. They get a bad press, which is odd, seeing as their whole thing is about promoting things well. It’s about time they were celebrated on a fairly regular basis, and on an occasionally read website. Yeah! Let’s give adverts their dues! Sometimes!

  • Giant robots short to become a movie

    Movie News | Matt | 29th November 2009

    Uruguyan filmmaker Federico Alvarez is set to become the new Neill Blomkamp after his sci-fi short film Panic Attack attracted the interest of Sam Raimi. Check it out - it's got giant robots in it. S'cool.

  • Pandorum

    Movie Review | Steven | 1st October 2009

    Earth has depleted its resources and become over populated. The answer to this problem? Neuter the world's idiots? Nope - in Pandorum, the solution is to send a large group of cryogenically-frozen men and women into space, hurtling towards a newly found plant that can sustain life. Far less exciting an option, if you ask me.