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  • The Next Three Days

    Movie Review | Ali | 23rd December 2010

    The Next Three Days is kind of a throwback to the classic action movies Hollywood put out in the mid-nineties - the 'one man versus the world' era of thrillers, in which lantern-jawed heroes like Harrison Ford or Mel Gibson fight to save their family against improbable odds and injustice. At one point, the lead character - a stoic, possibly stubbled everyman forced into action against his will - is likely to growl "Give me back my wife" or something, before killing eight thousand terrorists in the name of love. Brilliant.

  • Paul Haggis, Russell Crowe to reteam for The Equalizer

    Movie News | Chris | 29th September 2010

    Edward Woodward's '80s icon will return, and will most likely battle racism in a completely preachy and obvious manner.

  • Paul Haggis quits Scientology

    Movie News | Ali | 25th October 2009

    In an astonishing about turn, Paul Haggis, director of Oscar-winner Crash and James Bond scribe, has resigned from the Church Of Scientology. Read his incredible resignation letter here.

  • Crash

    Movie Review | Ali | 22nd August 2005

    And so back to reality. This summer we've been treated to Emo planes, chocolate paedophiles and runaway clones, which, although varied in quality, all had one thing in common - escapism. No one loves getting lost in a film more than me, but every once in a while it takes a hard-hitting movie like Crash to shake you out of yo...