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  • LFF 2015: Suffragette

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 14th October 2015

    The gender-discriminated world of Suffragette is so far removed from my everyday life as to be completely unrecognisable, much less relatable. Which means that I should either a) credit how far we have come as a society since then, or b) immediately own up to the fact that I am a 30-something white male who has never had to contend with any prejudices or glass ceilings in his life. Either way, join me as I nervously criticise a film about the kind of tragic societal injustice of which I am entirely unqualified to discuss thanks to my having a penis.

  • Awesome new Suffragette poster unveiled at Comic Con

    Movie Feature | Matt Looker | 14th July 2015

    Liked it when Bruce Wayne looked angry three times in the space of three minutes while Superman didn’t say a single word? Cheered when The Joker smiled at the camera and er… that’s it? Then look out, fanboys and fangirls, because this time we have hit the Comic Con motherload.

  • Entourage

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 16th June 2015

    It is hard, as a fan of a TV show, to divorce yourself from your feelings for it and watch the end-of-series movie without prejudice. And probably you shouldn't: it's meant for you, as a sort of valedictory reward for your loyalty. But then releasing it in cinemas suggests a pitch to a wider audience, so while it might satisfy the existing viewer, as Entourage sort-of-just-about does, you wonder who else they're expecting to queue up for tickets.

  • Arbitrage

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 28th February 2013

    I know most words. But 'arbitrage'? Right, like that's a word. Unless we've started speaking French all of a sudden. It is a film, though - or more accurately, two films. One of them is about a cop investigating some stuff and is fairly good. The other is about a bunch of guys in offices talking about spreadsheets, and is just as interesting as seeing that in real life.

  • DVD weekly: Entourage and Curb

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 12th June 2012

    Hell, I'd be in an Entou-rage if I couldn't get my hands on Entourage season eight. Yeah, let's face it, I can't write poster quotes.

  • DVD weekly: wives, Wests and, er, Wincent Chase

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 12th September 2011

    I got fed up of films this week, so Kirsty and I pulled the switcheroo on you: she's done the Films on TV round-up, and I'm doing this. Ha! Bet you never saw it coming! And you were like, "All of a sudden, up is down and black is white and I can't even remember my own NAME!" Hands up who actually noticed, then.

  • Entourage – season eight, episodes 1–3

    TV Review | Ed Williamson | 10th August 2011

    Let's start the funeral march for Entourage. Should be a pretty star-studded one if nothing else. I just hope Gary Busey doesn't knock over the coffin.

  • Actual Entourage season eight trailer with actual things in it

    TV Video | Ed Williamson | 7th July 2011

    Moving pictures! Depicting actual events from an upcoming season of a TV show! On a trailer, of all places. This could catch on ...

  • Entourage cast hug it out, twitches

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 30th June 2011

    Entourage just shot its last episode EVAH and the cast seemed to spend most of the day tweeting about it on their tweet-machines. Thus, if we copy and paste those tweets and stick them in here a couple of days later, isn't it a bit like we're live-blogging it ourselves? And doesn't that mean we've really got our fingers on the pulse, like CNN or something?

  • Best TV drug addicts

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 8th June 2011

    By which we mean 'worst', obviously, because drugs are BAD. Unless of course you only take enough to have a smashing time, in which case we've very much got five on it. Welcome to Our Drug Hell.