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  • Films on TV round-up: one-armed men and one-man armies

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 22nd May 2011

    Yeah, pretty clever headline, right? I almost got a job writing headlines for the Daily Mail once, but it fell through because I only knew three synonyms for 'gypsies'.

  • Hugh and a Half Men?

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 13th May 2011

    Ha! I bet no one else came up with that headline to report the news that Hugh Grant is in talks to take over from Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men! (*conducts Google search*) Oh. Oh, right.

  • Films on TV round-up: Denzel, Arnie and... Renée?

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 8th May 2011

    That's right, it's back. What d'you mean, you didn't know it went away? Words can hurt, you know. Anyway, this week it's guns, muscles and...er...romcoms based on chick-lit novels. You can't say we don't have a sensitive side.

  • Tarantino talks Kill Bill 3

    Movie News | Matt | 2nd October 2009

    QT has announced plans to make Kill Bill 3. "But hasn't The Bride already killed Bill?" I hear you ask. Who cares about plot when there are ninjas to fight and obscure Korean films to reference!

  • Your indie film is shit

    Movie Feature | Andy | 20th September 2009

    Independent Cinema. A once byword for daring, independent filmmaking has been co-opted by the studios into what now means a quirky, feel-good turd wrapped in a soundtrack by the likes of Smog, Ween and any other number of lo-fi bands that play coffee-houses across America.

  • Inglourious Basterds

    Movie Review | Ali | 19th August 2009

    Love him or hate him, Quentin Tarantino knows how to make movies that get people talking about cinema. Granted, the people doing the talking are usually the characters in his movies, but his passion for the medium is infective - if not always effective.

  • Tarantino not done Killing Bill

    Movie Feature | | 11th August 2009

    Quentin Tarantino has been flapping his lip about returning to finally finish what he started with Kill Bill. Can the man not write a full movie from start to finish?

  • Heroes #3: Withnail

    Movie Feature | Ali | 20th July 2005

    There's nothing in life you can't handle without a bottle or two. Not the exact words of our latest hero, granted, but there can be no doubt it is the ethos he lives by. Before Richard E. Grant defecated on his credibility by appearing in those face-stabbingly awful Argos ads, he was Withnail, a thespian in crisis, an elegantl...

  • Kill Bill Vol. 2

    Movie Review | Ali | 12th September 2004

    Not many people in Hollywood would have the audacity to split their latest movie into two parts, but if there's one person we could forgive, it's fanboy favourite Quentin Tarantino. Last September saw the arrival of the first instalment, kicking, screaming and wielding deadly Hattori Hanzo steel. Now Volume Two has arrived, bu...

  • Kill Bill Vol. 1

    Movie Review | Ali | 5th September 2004

    Whether you're inclined to believe Harvey Weinstein's view that it was too good to be slimmed down, or the general consensus (that we're being forced to pay twice to see what is essentially just the one movie), Kill Bill has been unceremoniously chopped in two parts - one Eastern in style, one Western. Volume One is Tarantino's...