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  • Robin Hood

    Movie Review | Rob | 15th May 2010

    The first time Ridley Scott made a big budget, historical epic with Russell Crowe, it worked out really rather quite well. Scott tried again five years later, only this time he roped in Orlando Bloom. That didn't work out so well. The lesson there is, don't work with Orlando Bloom. Now it seems Scott has learnt his lesson and got his Gladiatorial mate back for another historical/fictional jaunt, but this time, with bows, arrows and a Yorkshire accent (or something like it).

  • New clips suggest Robin Hood might be quite good, actually

    Movie News | Matt | 23rd April 2010

    Wake up, Robin Hood is robbing from the rich and giving to the poor again. No seriously, it looks better this time.

  • Last (and best) trailer for Robin Hood

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 12th March 2010

    Feared by the bad and loved by the good? You decide.

  • Robin Hood movie poster

    Movie News | Ali | 23rd December 2009

    If you, like me, asked for a big close-up of Russell Crowe's sweaty, stubbled face for Christmas, then check under your tree, because Santa just chucked this down my chimney.

  • New Robin Hood trailer and pics = Gladiator 2?

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 16th December 2009

    Robin Hood is back and, in addition to his mad archery and bow staff skills, he now has an inappropriate rock accompaniment 'cos everyone knows the Sheriff of Nottingham can't stand the clang of electric guitars!