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  • RoboCop

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 6th February 2014

    As with any remake of a beloved 80s classic, a lot of people will just want to know how similar it is to the original - and none of them are going to be happy, whatever the answer. But then the alternative is to do the sensible thing and judge the film on its own merits, and how do you account for all the elements that have been liberally poached from its predecessor? No, the one and only fair way to critique this remake is to judge it by RoboCop's own Prime Directives.

  • Cannot unsee RoboCop's chest face

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 6th February 2014

    Move mouse over image to reveal

    Dead or alive, he's feeding you into his big sad chest mouth.

  • IMAX even makes posters look better

    Movie News | Ali Gray | 23rd January 2014

    IMAX: making slightly bum-looking films look halfway watchable since forever. Can't wait to see the new RoboCop SLASH SLASH.

  • Other, less successful, rebooted movie face comparisons

    Movie Feature | Luke Whiston | 24th September 2013

    If you've been on the internet today, you'll probably have seen this startling gallery of original Star Trek actors' faces combined with their reboot counterparts. It's uncanny, right? Well done them. But how do reboots with - how shall we put it - less attention-to-detail, fare if we use digital wizardry to superimpose the rebooted likenesses over the original actors? To Photoshop!

  • Trailer breakdown: RoboCop aka the roboplegic wrong-cop

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 8th September 2013

    RoboCop - he insists you capitalise the 'C' because he's so insecure - has had his system rebooted. Here's your first look at RoboCop 2.0 (or I dunno, 8.1 or whatever, I can't keep up with all the RoboCop sequels and TV series and cartoons) with Joel Kinnaman as the man in the machine and Abbie Cornish as the woman he loves. Let's be honest, this looks exactly how you'd expect a 12A RoboCop movie to look i.e. about as good as RobertCop.

  • Before Robocop there was... FUTURE COP!

    Movie Feature | Luke | 8th June 2013

    I stumbled upon this amazingly awkward intro for 1970s sci-fi show Future Cop, after discovering the main guy - an actor named Michael Shannon - had played 'President's Aide' in Superman II and was trying to turn that into a feature. But this is much better. By which I mean much worse.