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  • Just William Fichtner playing chess with Mr Oizo, no biggie

    Movie News | Ali | 26th April 2012

    Quentin 'Rubber' Dupieux aka Mr Oizo has a new single out. What better way to promote it than to have William Fichtner play chess with a puppet?

  • When Stuff Can Kill!

    Movie Feature | Ali | 7th April 2011

    Serial killers are boring! Murderers are so over! The real cool killers aren't people at all, but everyday things that get possessed by spirits from the beyond. Here's a rogues gallery of the most deadly, brought to you by the makers of When Things Get Knocked Over, Spill, or Fall Out Of Cupboards.

  • Rubber

    Movie Review | Ali | 5th April 2011

    People toss around the word "weird" far too easily. "Did you see Inception? When they fight in the revolving corridor? That was so weird!" Sorry, that's not weird - it's imaginative and bold and conceptually brilliant, but it ain't weird. You want weird? A psychotic tyre called Robert, who is inexplicably given life only to roll around the desert, exploding the heads of all who get in his way. That's weird. That's bloody weird.