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  • Pics: Jessica Alba on Machete set

    Movie News | Ali | 24th August 2009

    Set pics just in of Jessica Alba on the set of Robert Rodriguez's B-movie Machete. Above you can see Jessica trying to dehydrate Danny Trejo's face with the power of her mind.

  • Spotlight On Seagal: Today You Die

    Movie Review | Ali | 23rd July 2006

    If ever there was a movie that needed an exclamation mark after its title, it's this one. If Steven Seagal had used his considerable weight to get the director to rename it Today You Die! then at least it would go some way to explaining all the unintentional laughs it contains. Instead, the solemn-faced title marks yet another...

  • Spotlight On Seagal: Out Of Reach

    Movie Review | | 2nd January 2005

    I love Steven Seagal. Don't get me wrong - if I was to choose someone to explore the inner depths of my man tunnel, I could think of much better people to do the job. No, I love Steven Seagal because he's been allowed to continue his career, long after having lost whatever 'talent' he was supposed to have. His are the kind of...