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  • New picture from Star Trek Into Darkness ruins entire film, probably

    Movie News | Ali | 12th December 2012

    Spoiler alert! Well, it's not actually a spoiler, because we don't know the plot of Star Trek Into Darkness yet. But if it shows what we think it shows, then yeah, the movie's spoiled. Already.

  • A heartfelt plea to all film bloggers and editors regarding Star Wars

    Movie Feature | Ali | 7th November 2012

    It has been approximately one week since the Disney/Lucasfilm merger, and the announcement of Star Wars: Episode VII for release in 2015. Seven days. In this time, the rumour mill has already kicked into overdrive. Film bloggers, writers, editors, hear me: I'm making a polite request. Stop it. Just stop it. Right now.

  • Should actors be forced to watch their own movies?

    Movie Feature | Matt | 29th October 2012

    Hey Mr Actor-person, sir. If you're willing to take a huge vat of money in exchange for two hours' work, at least put the effort in to watch the results afterwards. What's that? No, you can't charge overtime for it.

  • Why can't Hollywood fcuking spell?

    Movie Feature | Ali | 6th October 2012

    Time to report on a movie trend that's more terrifying than any unnecessary helicopter or diagonal title treatment: the fact that spelling standards are seemingly slipping throughout the film industry – from props and in-film graphics to promotional materials, posters and beyond. This inability to use proper spelling and grammar is more damning to Hollywood than any film directed by Peter Berg ever could be.

  • Dear Hollywood, here is a film I would allow you to remake

    Movie Feature | Ali | 4th September 2012

    It seems like the only movies getting reboots lately are ones that were pretty good to start with (Dredd, I guess, being the exception). Surely the whole point of rebooting something is that you bring it up to date, give it a new spin and improve on the flaws of the original in a new and exciting way? With that in mind, I look to Hollywood to remake Stay Tuned: the TV satire that's gasping for a 21st century upgrade.

  • Why the so-called 'Batman murders' are none of our business

    Movie News | Ali | 21st July 2012

    There is no doubt that the Aurora massacre - in which a masked gunman entered a movie theatre and shot dead 12 people, injuring 58 others - is a terrible tragedy. I'll leave it to the real news outlets to report the details and will spare you my personal opinions on the politics of the issue, but what I can't stand idly by and watch is the nauseating way in which the media have made this story something it isn't - and how the film community have responded.

  • The Bystander Effect Phenomenon

    Movie Feature | Ali | 23rd May 2012

    There is a new threat to cinema, and it isn't piracy or striking writers or rising production costs – it's movies like What To Expect When You're Expecting. Movie stars, plural, are the problem.