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  • Horrible Bosses

    Movie Review | Matt | 25th July 2011

    You've all had that one boss, right? The one who convinced all your colleagues that you were an alcoholic, had coke-fuelled orgies in his office or sexually harassed you to the point of borderline rape? Nah, me either. The worst I've ever had to put up with is being made to process the quarterly spend spreadsheets a week early. Not so much 'horrible' as 'insensitive to my existing workload'.

  • Horrible Bosses, horrible trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 11th May 2011

    LOL its funny because hes bald / shes sukin off a banana / hes kevin spacek. LEGEND!!

  • Terribrill - Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988)

    Movie Feature | Luke | 3rd February 2011

    Our semi-regular feature in which we subject ourselves to movies so evil, they make Genghis Khan look like Jeremy Kyle. In this instalment we erect an out-of-this world big top for Killer Klowns From Outer Space.

  • Want: Star Wars space slug oven glove

    Movie News | Luke | 26th May 2010

    The perfect gift for an Aunt or Uncle.

  • US Spaced remake is fucking weird

    Movie News | Ali | 3rd March 2010

    I don't normally bother with telly stuff on here, basically because I don't watch it. But this showreel for the pilot of the US remake of Spaced is just too atrocious not to post.

  • Moon

    Movie Review | Ali | 15th July 2009

    Considering that Neil Armstrong's giant leap for mankind ranks as one of the most recent triumphs in the grand scheme of human exploration, it's a little odd that science-fiction has never really landed on the Moon. A case of 'been there, done that', perhaps? Maybe Apollo 11 robbed the Moon of its mystery. But given that every h...

  • Heroes #2: Peter Gibbons

    Movie Feature | | 28th June 2005

    All too often, Hollywood heroes are from another world entirely. Sure, John McClane is the business, and if your large corporate tower is ever taken over by terrorists led by a bearded German, he's pretty much the only man for the job, but he sure as shit ain't from my neck of the woods. Hollywood needs more heroes like Peter ...

  • The Ring Two

    Movie Review | | 1st April 2005

    I have a bit of an issue with the original Ring. Well, not so much an issue with the film itself - sure, it sucked harder than a two-dollar whore and was about as scary as an afternoon with Tim Henman - rather the people who profess a liking to it because they think that associating themselves with Japanese culture makes them a...