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Spring Breakers

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Consider this shit

Posted by Ali Gray at 10:10 on 04 Dec 2013

Franco be collecting awards in every fuckin' colour, yo.

2013: officially the year of bling

Posted by Ali at 12:05 on 18 May 2013

Look at it.

Review: Spring Breakers

Posted by Neil at 23:00 on 24 Mar 2013
Spring Breakers
Harmony Korine isn't like other filmmakers, and his films aren't like other films. Anyone who saw Trash Humpers will have noticed that it was difficult to compare to anything else in its genre, because the genre of movies about people wearing grotesque masks and having sex with bins contains precisely one film: Trash Humpers. This is obviously a good thing: cinema needs mavericks like Korine to come along once in a while and kick the medium up the bum. To some extent it doesn't even matter whether or not his films are any good. He's an artist, and his films are statements.

A nice big picture of James Franco in Spring Breakers, just because

Posted by Ali at 20:45 on 12 Sep 2012
A nice big picture of James Franco in Spring Breakers, just because
Slow news day is slow. (Full size pic here).
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