Stanley Kubrick

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  • Review: Doctor Sleep feels like a lot of work for very little play

    Movie Review | Matt Looker | 11th November 2019

    There’s a lot to be said about the context surrounding Doctor Sleep. About the impossibly high benchmark set by The Shining, about the challenge of reconciling Stephen King’s vision and Stanley Kubrick’s execution, and about choosing which source material to honour most. But honestly, ignoring all of that for now, my biggest takeaway from this film is... fuck, it spends a lot of time driving in a car. Every pre-set-piece scene is spent hauling across road for hours and every post-sequence respite is spent hauling back again, usually at night-time, usually while someone is asleep in the passenger seat. I have spent more time in cars while watching this film than I have on actual road trips. It seems Danny Torrance simply swapped one purgatory for another. Come drive with him. Forever... and ever... and ever...

  • My trip to the Stanley Kubrick exhibition by Luke Whiston age 38 and a half

    Movie Feature | Luke Whiston | 3rd July 2019

    The late Stanley Kubrick is often considered to be a visionary genius filmmaker, who by all accounts was also an obsessive pain in the arse. But that didn't stop Hollywood's biggest names wanting to work with him, because he was a visionary genius filmmaker. And thank God he was such an obsessive, hoarding decades of research and correspondence, otherwise the new exhibition celebrating his films at The Design Museum in London would have been pretty barren and that would have been well embarrassing.

  • Room 237

    Movie Review | Ali | 27th September 2012

    Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Shining.

  • Stanley Kubrick: unexpected bringer of LOLgasms

    Movie Feature | Ali | 21st February 2012

    When I think of Stanley Kubrick, I think of a super serious bearded genius, pushing the likes of Nicholson, Cruise and Curtis for just one more take. What I do not think of is a bringer of mad LOLs, but according to these jokey 'fake titles without movies' he collected over 34 years, that's exactly what he was. He's like the white, talented Eddie Murphy.