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  • 20 reasons for Hollywood's worst summer in 20 years

    Movie Feature | Ali Gray | 8th September 2017

    It's official: this summer was the worst summer for movies in over 20 years. Labor Day box-office receipts were down 45% compared to the same weekend in 2016, leaving analysts to declare summer 2017 a total cinematic washout. But why? I mean, obviously all the movies were terrible, but why really? We went in search of answers and by God, we found them.

  • How I Spent My Summer Vacation

    Movie Review | Matt | 9th May 2012

    Well, I think we can all guess how Mel Gibson spent his summer vacation, amirite? Yelling anti-Semitic accusations into the voicemail of someone with tabloid connections? Drunkenly embarking on a tirade of racist and domestic abuse against his ex-wife? Playing Grand Wizard at a clan rally gathering before a burning wicker effigy? Right, I'm out. Shall we get on with the film?

  • (500) Days Of Spidey? Or will the new director be a Nimrod?

    Movie News | Ali | 14th January 2010

    Prepare for these rumours to get very old, very fast. With Spider-Man ready to slip on his reboot, the hunt is on to name the new director. (500) Days Of Summer's Marc Webb is the candidate with the most humorous name so far. Or is he?

  • Your indie film is shit

    Movie Feature | Andy | 20th September 2009

    Independent Cinema. A once byword for daring, independent filmmaking has been co-opted by the studios into what now means a quirky, feel-good turd wrapped in a soundtrack by the likes of Smog, Ween and any other number of lo-fi bands that play coffee-houses across America.

  • (500) Days Of Summer

    Movie Review | Ali | 30th August 2009

    Ever been in love? Ever had your heart broken? Ever spent over 48 hours in nothing but your dressing gown, surrounded by empty bowls of cereal and tissues and bottles of whisky? Then you'll relate to (500) Days Of Summer.