The Shadow Line

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  • Sinister TV characters #2

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 18th July 2011

    What scares you? I mean, really scares you? Is it the thought that you're alone in a godless universe, and that one day you and everyone you've ever met will be in the cold, cold ground, and that you've sinned so much in your arrogance that your soul will forever haunt this mortal realm, screaming "Take me Lord! Please take me!" unto deaf ears? Doesn't bother me, personally, but some stuff on telly can get pretty creepy.

  • The Shadow Line

    TV Review | Ed Williamson | 9th May 2011

    Hey! It's a new BBC drama! It's dark! It's moody! Anyone have a flipping clue what was going on half the time? No, me neither.