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  • Interview: Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo

    Movie Feature | Matt | 25th April 2012

    Another day in the run up to Avengers Assemble being released in cinemas, another opportunity for me to milk my interviews with the cast. This time it’s Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo, who played Thor and the Hulk respectively. Coincidentally, it turns out that they do NOT like being addressed as either ‘Thor’ or ‘Hulk’ when being asked a question. Lesson learned.

  • Interview: Tom Hiddleston

    Movie Feature | Matt | 24th April 2012

    Following yesterday’s interview with Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner, my ongoing Avengers boast-fest continues with Tom Hiddleston, star villain of the Marvel cineverse and thoroughly nice chap.

  • Avengers Assemble

    Movie Review | Matt | 20th April 2012

    It's only been four years since Samuel L Jackson teased his way into the end of Tony Stark's movie like a fan-wetting afterthought, but it seems like anticipation for The Avengers has been setting the Internet a-buzz for far longer. Perhaps this is because, since the comic-book genre gained credibility again, we've all been waiting for the ultimate superhero crossover movie. With Avengers Assemble, we get just that - four superhero leads meeting up for one mega-blockbuster movie in a way that has never been seen before. As a result, it is the ultimate summer event movie. It also happens to be Marvel's masterpiece.

  • Interview with Marvel Studios producer Kevin Feige

    Movie Feature | Matt | 5th April 2012

    As one of Marvel Studios’ head honchos, Kevin Feige has overseen the production of the X-Men films, the Spider-Man films and pretty much every other Marvel movie released in the last 10 years or so (Shhh! This also includes Daredevil). And now, with The Avengers soon to assemble on the big screen, I was given some time to ask the big guy about the cinematic superhero supergroup.

  • The original Avengers assemble!

    Movie Feature | Matt | 8th March 2012

    Body paint instead of CGI! Cardboard sets instead of exploding skyscrapers! David Hasselhoff instead of Samuel L Jackson! What would the Avengers look like if Marvel had decided to assemble their hero boyband when they first had the chance?

  • FUCK YES. Avengers trailer

    Movie Trailer | Matt | 11th October 2011

    This new trailer for The Avengers makes me wish I could fall into a coma just so that May 2012 comes to me in the blink of a droopy, barely-conscious eye.

  • Dammit War Horse, I will NOT let you make me cry

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 4th October 2011

    Empire have a new trailer for Steven Spielberg's War Horse, which looks totally lame. Now if you'll excuse me, my ocular muscles are emitting salty liquid unrelated to emotions.

  • Competition: Win Faster on DVD

    Movie Competition | Ali | 1st August 2011

    (*plays jingle*) It's compe-tition tiiiime! (*dances awkwardly*)

  • Sing with me: War... HORSE! Yeah... What is it good for?

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 29th June 2011

    Absolutely nothing? Play it again, y'all - it's the trailer for Steven Spielberg's War Horse. (That was to be sung to the tune of Edwin Starr's 'War', if that wasn't abundantly clear).

  • Kat Dennings at the Thor premiere

    Movie News | Ali | 3rd May 2011

    By Odin's raven!