Tracy Morgan

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  • "I hate gays," says man called Tracy

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 11th June 2011

    30 Rock star Tracy Morgan has unleashed a torrent of homophobic abuse in a stand-up show. He has a girl's name.

  • Rio

    Movie Review | Rob | 4th April 2011

    Those bloody Orange adverts have a knack of putting me right off the films they promote, making me judge them months before they're released. Just read my Gulliver's Travels review for proof (although it didn't help that that actually was complete arse). I was well-prepared to dislike Rio on the basis of that God-awful phone ad. Well, don't I feel like a fool...

  • Tracy Jordan's Black Cop, White Cop trailer

    Movie Trailer | Ali | 24th December 2009

    Or maybe it's Tracy Morgan and Bruce Willis in Kevin Smith's Cop Out, previous titled A Couple Of Dicks. Whatever. (*skim-reads press release, sucks nacho dust off fingers*).