Tropic Thunder

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  • Making fake trailers is the new making actual movies

    Movie News | Ali | 11th August 2011

    Making real films is hard. Making fake trailers is easy. Making real films takes ages. Making fake trailers takes days. Making real films is expensive. Making fake trailers is cheap. Here ends today's maths lesson.

  • Tom Cruise gets a Les Grossman spin-off movie

    Movie News | Matt | 11th June 2010

    Because if a 2-minute cameo is funny, a 90-minute version of the same thing must be hilarious. That's not opinion - that's science.

  • Tropic Thunder

    Movie Review | Ali | 22nd September 2008

    It's been seven years since Ben Stiller directed a movie, poking fun at the conceited world of male models in Zoolander. Now he's jabbing at a target closer to home - Hollywood actors and their diva-esque behaviour. There's no danger of Stiller being castigated by his own industry, mind - he's not so much biting the hand that fe...