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Dracula 'Untold', eh?

Posted by Ali Gray at 23:30 on 16 Jun 2014
Dracula 'Untold', eh?

Seems unlikely.

Win Let Me In on DVD

Posted by Ali at 07:00 on 07 Mar 2011
Win Let Me In on DVD
Let the right one in, if 'the right one' is Let Me In on DVD and 'in' means 'in your letterbox'. Because if you win, I'll post it to you!

Let Me In trailer: a vampire remake that doesn't suck?

Posted by Ali at 20:04 on 01 Jul 2010
Let Me In trailer: a vampire remake that doesn't suck?
The first trailer for the US remake of Let The Right One has emerged online, and ... er, it looks pretty ace, actually. See for yourself.

Sam Worthington to play Dracula?

Posted by Matt at 20:48 on 26 Jan 2010
Sam Worthington to play Dracula?
With Avatar now officially the highest grossing film of all time, Sam Worthington can now look around him, say "My work here is done" and move on to making the same kind of movies as everyone else. Vampire movies.

Review: Daybreakers

Posted by Ali at 20:51 on 10 Jan 2010
Rather like how human blood is in short supply in this vampire thriller, original ideas are a scarce commodity in Hollywood these days. The vampire genre in particular has been sucked dry so completely by Twi-hards and tweenies, the moment screenwriters Michael and Peter Spierig pitched the very adult concept for Daybreakers, desperate producers must have sunk their teeth into it like thirsty bloodsuckers.

Why vampires should bite, not suck

Posted by Andy at 17:40 on 26 Nov 2009
Why vampires should bite, not suck
Teen girls suck. There, I said it. And I don't mean in the "verify your credit card to access" internet specialist site way that makes you feel vaguely dirty and seedy even if you are researching a book or something.

Review: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Posted by Matt at 21:54 on 22 Nov 2009
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
Let's forget for a moment that the Twilight Saga is a virus rapidly infiltrating every facet of our society and instead ask: can a global phenomenon currently smashing box-office records still warrant a negative review? The answer is yes. Yes, it can.

Daybreakers gets new poster

Posted by Ali at 23:08 on 18 Nov 2009
Daybreakers gets new poster
Otherwise known as Another Fucking Vampire Movie, Ethan Hawke's Daybreakers has a new poster, and you can check out the trailer while you're at it. At least these vampires don't sparkle like gaywads.

Review: Let The Right One In

Posted by Steven at 23:05 on 04 May 2009
Let The Right One In
The world hasn't come down yet from the whole Twilight extravaganza: not only is the sequel in production, it seems that they are getting ready to prepare parts three and four of the franchise. But before Twilight fever sinks its fangs in us again, along comes a vampire movie cut from a different cloth entirely. Let the Right...

Review: Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans

Posted by Kirsty at 14:32 on 28 Jan 2009
Underworld: Rise Of The Lycans
"Oh Lucian, Lucian, wherefore art thou, a stinky bloody-thirsty werewolf?" You know the story: boy meets girl, boy is werewolf, girl is vampire, boy loves girl, everybody dies. That's essentially the plot for Underworld's third outing, whose tagline could have read: "Romeo and Juliet for the Dark Ages." Vampires and werewolve...
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