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  • Review: Host is a techno-horror that dials up the scares

    Movie Review | Luke Whiston | 19th August 2020

    31st October 1992. I am 11 years old and about to become part of a very special club: children who were accidentally allowed to stay up late for BBC's Ghostwatch. For the uninitiated; Ghostwatch was billed as a fun live spook hunt from a haunted council house, which spiralled out of control as the pipe-clanging spirit of a disfigured paedophile assaulted Saturday morning kids TV hosts Sarah Greene and Craig Charles, apparently killing a number of the crew, before beaming itself into a television studio and possessing the UK's common sense uncle, Michael Parkinson. It was terrifying. The ensuing furore in schools and media ensured the broadcast was shelved for years. But the damage was done, scars were formed - and the next Ghostwatch has been sought out ever since.

  • Baywatch

    Movie Review | Ed Williamson | 24th May 2017

    One of the many wonderful things about living on the same planet as Zac Efron is that he knows when and how to take his shirt off. It is a rare talent to look like he does with his abs out, accept that directors are going to want him to get his top off at least twice a film, and then to do so with enough of a sense of self-mockery that you don't think he's an absolute bell-end. Self-awareness is what got him and his co-star The Rock where they are today, and so a riff on Baywatch, sending up how daft it was, feels like just the ticket. So why isn't it sillier?

  • Resurrection: an exciting new televisual concept

    TV Feature | Ed Williamson | 9th July 2014

    Successful US show Resurrection is heading for British TV. It is about a small American town in which dead people come back to life. A bit like brilliant French series Les Revenants (The Returned), which is about a small French town in which dead people come back to life.

  • Suitwatch: Robert Downey Jr has lost his damn mind

    Movie News | Ali | 12th April 2013

    There isn't a circle of shame big enough for this get-up.

  • #LFF2012: End Of Watch

    Movie Review | Matt | 4th October 2012

    As we welcome the BFI London Film Festival into our lives once again, get ready for a spate of reviews of worthy, awardsy type films that illicit an emotional response different to our usual "fuck yeah, that roundhouse kick was awesome!". And End Of Watch is as good a film as any to kick off proceedings, being a GRITTY, REALISTIC cop drama that reminds us that crime on the streets of LA is GRITTY and REALISTIC and OFTEN QUITE HARROWING REALLY.

  • Memewatch: the stars of Twilight: Breaking Dawn run like the wind

    Movie Feature | Ali, Luke, Matt | 3rd October 2012

    Because really, when have we ever passed up an opportunity to shit all over Twilight?

  • The Watch

    Movie Review | Rob | 25th August 2012

    2004. Anyone recall what happened that year? There was a football tournament I think? I do remember failing my first driving test because I went to see Dodgeball that same night to cheer myself up. And in a tedious way to link to this film, that was the last time Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn shared a screen together. Since then, neither has really been keeping the funnies consistently flowing. I passed my driving test by the way.

  • Suitwatch: Andrew Garfield looks très bon at French Spidey premiere

    Movie News | Ali | 20th June 2012

    Spider-Man should fight crime wearing this. (Full-size picture here).

  • DVD weekly: the good, the bad and the fabulous

    TV Feature | Kirsty Harrison | 3rd April 2012

    Sometimes you have to wait 16 years to be reminded just why you love television so much, and sometimes you have to wait a week to be reminded why occasionally you don't.

  • Who's the fairiest of them all?

    TV Feature | Kirsty Harrison | 31st March 2012

    Once Upon a Time and Grimm: both shows based on fairytales. But which has the edge in the fairy stakes? Let's line them up and get them to fight each other with, I don't know, wands or something.