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  • A comprehensive timeline of Wesley Snipes trying to make Blade 4 happen

    Movie Feature | Matt Looker | 5th September 2018

    In 2012, the rights to Blade reverted back to Marvel, meaning that MCU head honcho Kevin Feige is able to finally achieve his original goal behind creating his cinematic universe in the first place: to greenlight and release Blade 4, starring a 56-year-old Wesley Snipes.

  • Wesley Snipes pilot "definitely won't go tits-up"

    TV News | Ed Williamson | 23rd February 2015

    Wesley Snipes's TV pilot, Endgame, definitely won't go to shit in a shopping trolley, insiders say.

    "There's no safer pair of hands in the business than Snipes," said an NBC executive. "If you want someone to show up on time, be content with the modest rider laid on in his trailer and get on famously with the creative team, that's Wesley. That's why I didn't hesitate to personally approve his casting.

    "Hot in here, isn't it? I feel like it's hot in here."

  • Terribrill: Demolition Man

    Movie Feature | Ali | 5th September 2011

    I love Demolition Man dearly, despite it quite probably being Not A Very Good film. It's as lovable as it is laughable, and has the unique characteristic of being dated on two levels – in both its 'present day' scenes in 1996 and its futuristic setting of 2032. In the oeuvre of Sly, however – and yes, I did just use the word 'oeuvre' in relation to Sylvester Stallone – it represents the end of an era; a time before the action movie became completely self-aware. Truly Demolition Man is the last hurrah for the so-called 'high-octane' one man army action movies of the mid-nineties, and it goes out with a bang, not a whimper.