Zero Dark Thirty

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  • 11 most distracting movie cameos

    Movie Feature | Ali | 23rd January 2013

    Zero Dark Thirty is out this week, and features one of the weirdest, most distracting movie cameos we've seen in years. The only way it could be weirder is if Graham Norton played a Navy SEAL. Here are the parts we can't believe they filled with those guys.

  • Zero Dark Thirty

    Movie Review | Neil | 21st January 2013

    If you think your job's difficult, try being a CIA officer on the hunt for the world's least favourite terrorist. If it's not bad enough that your quarry is probably holed up in an anonymous cave in the middle of nowhere, you can barely enjoy your lunch break without something exploding all over you and you have to be across some of the world's most baffling jargon. So next time your PC point blank refuses to communicate with the office printer, think yourself lucky you're not involved in a black bag operation at angels two zero AGL with only three mikes left before you're completely winchester.

  • A movie poster mash-up just because

    Movie Feature | Matt | 6th January 2013

    The powerful story of one woman's mission to find Paul Rudd's midlife crisis. Or something. There's a chance that this gag doesn't extend beyond the poster.

  • Pedantics' Corner: Correcting the Zero Dark Thirty poster tagline

    Movie Feature | Matt | 20th November 2012

    Yes, I know it should be 'Pedants' Corner'.