Adam Sandler's new comedy 'Jack and Jill' isn't helping


9th July 2011

Eddie Murphy called - he wants his schtick back.

Below is the first trailer for Jack and Jill, and you might want to brace yourself for this: Adam Sandler plays the dual roles of successful family man Jack and his twin sister Jill. Guess which one is the obnoxious, screeching loudmouth? (hint: probably both of them but who cares)

There's not an awful lot more to add, except it also features Katie Holmes, Garth Algar, the hobo golf caddy from Happy Gilmore - the only genuinely funny movie Adam Sandler has ever made - and for some reason Al Pacino, making a right De Niro of himself.

Jack and Jill is released in November, and will most likely rake it in at the box office. Because people are idiots. Except for you, I like you.

Please nobody tell Kevin James this technology exists
Bonus animated GIF:

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