Animal Kingdom trailer


27th March 2010

It's Australian, so Guy Pearce is in it: he's contractually obliged.

Fresh from wowing audiences at Sundance, director David Michod's gangster thriller Animal Kingdom now has a trailer. When I first heard it labelled as "the Australian Godfather" I figured it'd get you drunk on tinnies, crack onto your mum and hide your porn for you. But now I've seen the trailer, it kind of makes sense. As long as it doesn't try to out chop Chopper it's okay by me.

Side note: why isn't Guy Pearce more famous? This pains me. He wasn't even credited for The Hurt Locker and he's not been near a decent headline gig since LA Confidential in 1997. It's tragic that he's had to go back to his homeland and hide behind a moustache. I don't know why, but I bet it's Russell Crowe's fault. Fuck you, Russell.

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