Cosmopolis trailer in excuse to type Robert Pattinson naked sex film


22nd March 2012

A cheap trick, sure - but you'd do it too if you saw the traffic we get from perverts searching for sexy pictures of actresses topless.

Writer and director David Cronenberg has set himself the unlikely challenge of attempting to make Twilight star Robert Pattinson an acceptable viewing option for people who aren't 13-year-old girls. If this teaser trailer for the upcoming Cosmopolis is representative of his attempts, however, then he's definitely going about it the right way.

It's only a brief glimpse into the world of Eric Packer - the millionaire protagonist who experiences a very eventful trip down the shops to get a haircut (seriously, that's the plot of the source novel) - but clearly we can look forward to plenty of sex, violence and for some reason monsters. So basically it's the complete opposite of Twili... ah, wait. Hmmm.

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