First Machine Gun Preacher trailer aka Mullet For My Valentine


22nd August 2011

Gerard Butler plays a biker with hope in his heart and an AK by his side, in Oscar-baiting redemption fest Machine Gun Preacher.

If you're anything like me, the pairing of righteous heroic deeds and 'based on a true story' is usually met with snorts of derision. Take Statham/DeNiro actioner Killer Elite for example - I snorted so much during the last trailer, my girlfriend thought I'd started a small pig farm in my little study room. That and the unbearable stench wafting through the door.

Now meet Sam Childers. Sam was a hellraiser and a drug addict, before experiencing a religious awakening and deciding his life would be better spent building schools for Sudanese orphans. But there was a problem - the kids he set out to help kept getting kidnapped by militias. So Sam looked into his once-black soul and responded the only way he knew how: by taking the motherfucking ruckus to their front doors. Hells yeah!

Turns out Sam is a bit of an ultimate badass, and whereas Killer Elite and its ilk would like you to believe in The Macho Adventures Of Generic Gruffman, there's no disputing Childers took up arms against some very dangerous people. Because he did. And he still does. It's undisputable.

Before you get too excited, I don't think Machine Gun Preacher is going to be the Rambo-esque guilty pleasure we're all secretly hoping a title like that suggests. Take Exhibit A below: just listen to the music and the soundbytes - that's some grade A holier-than-thou cheese. I think I can see what's going on here though - Gamer, Law Abiding Citizen, The Bounty Hunter... Butler is trying to push The Ugly Truth 'below the fold' on his IMDB page.

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