Good work, Piranha trailer


1st May 2010

Last week's Piranha's teaser trailer had it all, except Kelly Brook's bikini body. Thankfully this epic cinematic wrong has been righted. Also, there are killer fish on the loose! And bad actors!

Piranha 3D is actually looking like quite a fun, goofy little horror movie; gimmicky though it might be, it'll be fun watching a bunch of has-beens and wannabes pretend to be terrified of CGI fish.

Stuff I'm looking forward to, aside from Kelly Brook (natch): the phoney explanation that sets the movie in motion (underwater earthquake); Ving Rhames talking like he's just taken a bong hit; Eli Roth being a douchebag; Richard Dreyfuss looking off-screen to see if his paycheque has been written yet; and Christopher Lloyd giving a new spin to the old, "Betsy's been dead for ten years!" piece of exposition.

Plus, of course, fish that can roar. The movie's tagline should be: "How can you escape an enemy that literally makes no sense?"

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