Movie trailer: Dead Of Night


17th August 2010

Blah blah Dylan Dog blah blah Superman blah blah zombies blah blah werewolves blah blah zombies blah blah keeps the peace blah blah comic-book adaptation.

It's a shame that Brandon Routh has kind of dropped off the radar since Superman Returns; he's certainly got the smarm and lantern jaw a screen hero needs, and by all accounts he's a bloody nice guy, too. Unfortunately he looks to be heading down the path walked by Dean Cain.

Awesome Scott Pilgrim cameo aside, Routh has resurfaced and shown his face in this promotional trailer for Dead Of Night, a comic-book adaptation of Dylan Dog, about a man who keeps the peace between the forces of the undead. You know it's a promotional trailer, because instead of having a release date at the end, it just says "In Post Production Now!" Just FYI.

I'm getting a distinct, crappy Syfy movie vibe from this one, from the rubbish vampire effects to the poor comic-relief sidekick (Sam Huntington aka Jimmy Olsen aka the Poundsaver Shia LaBeouf) and the epic sell, "From the director of TMNT". I can't say I won't watch it though, because I probably will - it looks like schlock horror of the highest (i.e. lowest) order.

And it's bound to be more fun than Twilight: Breaking Dawn.

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