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Movie trailer round-up: Les Mis, Abe's quiz and The Dark Knight Ris

Movie trailer round-up: Les Mis, Abe's quiz and The Dark Knight Ris
Today, I am off on my stag do so, if I don't return due to some liver-related complications, at least I know that the latest contribution to my lasting legacy on this site will be this half-arsed collection of the week's new trailers. [Edit: I liked Matt's choice for banner pic but thought I could improve it. STAAAAAAAG - Ali]
Branded looks fucking mental. That is all.

I'm having trouble working out why I find the trailer for Stephen Frears' new film Lay The Favourite so offensive. I think it's because it doesn't even try to offer up anything that might be deemed 'entertaining'. It's not funny, it's not smart and it seems incredibly vacuous. Enjoy!

Here's a trailer for surreal assassin film Holy Motors. It looks...well, it's...um...and then there's Kylie...I really don't know where to begin with this.

Les Misérables - that really long play that's been on for a really long time gets a first film trailer. It features silly hats and silly beards so that at least is interesting. More importantly though, does anyone remember the cartoon series Victor And Hugo?

The Dark Knight Rises gets another TV spot, probably featuring roughly 0.125 seconds of footage you haven't seen before.

The Australian trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man feature some new scenes, including one where he cooks a BBQ while hugging a koala bear:

Is it me or is Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter shaping up to be one of the funnest films of the year? Although if I ever get quizzed on American history after this, I'm going to be screwed.

Finally, did you know that there is a new animated Starship Troopers sequel on the way, called Starship Troopers: Invasion? Do you care? Well you might change your mind when you see this trailer covered all over in Japanese subtitles!

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