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Movie trailer round-up: Odin's beard, Great Gatsby and Batman's TV

Movie trailer round-up: Odin's beard, Great Gatsby and Batman's TV
This week's trailer round-up is brought to you in conjunction with sunglasses, shorts and flip-flops. And bright-red sunburn on white, pasty skin. :(
Jackie Chan directs his own latest action film Chinese Zodiac and, as this trailer shows, it has given him a chance to improve his spelling. G.O.L.D. S.T.A.R!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter still looks absolutely awesome with this new red-band trailer. I know it sounds ridiculous, but with a concept like this, it can't lose, right? (*Googles last time he said this and finds Iron Sky review*)

Yay! The first Anchorman 2 trailer is here and it's actually funny! Phew! Just 88 more minutes to go, guys.

...and just to prove it's not pot luck, here's an alternate version of that same trailer (it totally is pot luck...)

Here's a Finding Nemo 3D, which you can only see in 2D here. And you've probably already seen the film. I literally have no idea why I included this.

The first trailer for The Great Gatsby is here! It looks magnificently opulent with dazzling sparkles and polished neon night lights. It also does a really good job of hiding the fact that fuck all actually happens in the story.

A new documentary about Jaws is called Inside Jaws and not, unfortunately, some kind of pun on 'dock/doc'. I can't think of one myself, so maybe that's why.

In Whole Lotta Sole, Brendan Fraser moves one step up the food chain than when he was in Furry Vengeance. This time, instead of fighting squirrels, he's fighting Colm Meaney. Fancy!

Vince Vaughn shows up 'unannounced' on Conan and introduces a new clip for The Watch. Unfortunately, to see the clip, you have to put up with Vince and Conan pretending to be old buddies first.

The Apparition. in which monsters kill you the moment you believe they exist, looks like the film version of you losing the game...oh Luke already made that joke in his poster-round-up. Dammit - this is why I should do my trailer round-up on time...

And finally! Dark Knight Rises TV spots! New footage! More growly, growly fighting! Lookee lookee:

Lookee lookee two.

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